As a CEF donor, you'll see a tremendous return on your investment.

In the 2019-2020 school year, CEF donors provided a record $2.5 million of scholarships –for a total of 1,518 scholarships – for at-risk students in the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. You can help us meet the need for August by supporting our Campaign for Scholarships today!

IMPACT ON STUDENTS:  CEF scholarships benefit the most at-risk students in our communities. All of our scholarship recipients qualify for free or reduced lunch as determined by federal poverty standards. Despite their challenging circumstances, CEF scholarship students achieve a 99% graduation rate, compared to 77% in neighboring high schools. Nearly 97% of our high school graduates go on to college or career educational training, compared with 45% of their peers in other schools.

As Cardinal Sean O'Malley said recently, "No institution in the country is as successful in moving children from poverty to middle-class as Catholic schools."

IMPACT ON COMMUNITIES: CEF scholars attended 25 different K-12 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese this year, in both urban and rural communities. In many of those communities, our Catholic schools are the only choice for parents seeking an alternative educational solution for their children. Catholic schools have long histories serving these communities, and provide safe, supportive environments, academic rigor and faith formation that reliably produce graduates who go on to become productive, contributing members of their communities.

Your contribution to CEF's Campaign for Scholarships will help fund these scholarships for students who will reliably accomplish the intended result of your investment. Take a look at this brief video to see how the impact of your gift can transform a life, and consider a donation to support students like this:


My faith and education are very important to me, and you give me the opportunity to learn at a faith based school. You don't know how incredibly thankful I am to be at this school. In return, I will remember you in my prayers.

Angelie, a CEF student

Thank you Donors!

Learning About the World Around Us

Dear CEF Donor,

My favorite thing about school is science class. I like science class because I learn about the world around us. Thank you for donating money to our school. We really appreciate what you do.


A CEF Student

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"Not many people like you are in the world"

Dear CEF Donor,

Grateful is the word that fits this letter. Ever since I've been at Holy Name I enjoyed it, which is one of the reasons I am still here, with some other key points. For example: the classes are small which means teachers can help you if needed! Also, it is a Catholic school. I can practice my faith and pray when I want. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for you! I wouldn't get the chance to attend this school, and I wouldn't have met my friends or teachers. I would also like to thank you because not many people like you are in the world. God bless you!

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Thanks to you, I'm getting to know God

Dear CEF Donor,

I would like to thank you for helping me attend a Catholic school. Without your help, I would probably not be here. Thanks to you, I am receiving a better education. I am also getting to know who God truly is. My parents and I really appreciate your sincere donation; it means a lot to us. Once again, thank you for this amazing opportunity!


A Bishop Ward Student

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