The Catholic Education Foundation believes that all families who seek high-quality, faith-based K-12 education should be able to access it, regardless of their financial situation. We’ve seen the difference it makes - especially for low-income children in rural and inner city communities. And thanks to the generosity of our community, CEF is currently supporting nearly 1,500 students at 25 schools across the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, all serving communities experiencing significant financial need.

The outcomes are clear: CEF scholarships are changing lives.

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An answer to the pandemic

CEF school communities were among the hardest hit by the pandemic, from the immediate impact of last spring’s shutdown to long-term financial and health-related hardships. Since the pandemic began, the generous support of CEF donors has allowed CEF to provide 110 emergency assistance scholarships to families impacted by the pandemic, keeping students in their Catholic school classrooms and families within their school communities right when they need them most. When local district schools remained closed this fall, many families reached out to CEF schools for an answer. CEF was able to provide more than 90 additional tuition assistance scholarships to help schools meet the demand that incoming students presented, along with additional requests from within their existing communities.

As one CEF principal noted, “These additional scholarships meant that families most acutely impacted would be able to stay within our communities. They’ve allowed families to focus on putting food on the table, and educators to focus on preparing a safe and successful fall semester for their children.”

With in-person learning in place at all 25 CEF-supported Catholic schools, students have received the same high-quality, faith-based education, formation, and support Catholic schools are known for - even in the midst of a pandemic. And like the curriculum, CEF students haven’t skipped a beat, with seniors supported by CEF scholarships for low-income students achieving a perfect 100% graduation rate in 2021.

Altogether, CEF provided nearly 1,500 scholarships for the lowest income students in the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas during the 2020-'21 school year. You can help us meet the need for this school year by supporting CEF scholarships today!



You can hear about the difference these scholarships are making firsthand from CEF scholars in the videos below:


My faith and education are very important to me, and you give me the opportunity to learn at a faith based school. You don't know how incredibly thankful I am to be at this school. In return, I will remember you in my prayers.

Angelie, a CEF student

Thank you Donors!

Thank You from a 7th grader at Christ the King

Dear CEF,

Thank you for donating money to Christ the King. When my family and I moved from Mexico, we were poor and had to go to public schools. This was over 10 years ago. We had to move schools because my sister was being bullied. Thanks to you we were able to attend Christ the King. I have been here all my life with support and help from everyone and my sister because successful at University and now studies two languages. I am thankful for your support and help.

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Thank You from Most Pure Heart of Mary School

You have imprinted our lives forever. Thank you CEF supporter!

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Thank You for Loving Kids!

Dear CEF,

Thank you for helping my family and for giving them money so that they could pay for me, my brother, and sister to come here to CTK. You love kids and that's why you're doing this and you're helping my school.



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