Scholarship Programs

Partnering with Catholic schools to welcome new students.

The Catholic Education Foundation believes that all families who seek high-quality, faith-based K-12 education should be able to access it, regardless of their financial situation. 

Our three scholarship programs help qualified K-12 students attend Catholic schools throughout northeast Kansas. All scholarships are privately funded by generous donors who are committed to providing opportunities for students who seek the benefits of a Catholic education.  

Depending on financial need, families may receive scholarships that cover a large portion of their student’s grade school or high school tuition. All of our scholarships are given in partnership with family and school contributions. Additional scholarship support may be available directly from Catholic schools. 

Tuition-Assistance Scholarships
Tuition-Assistance Scholarships are awarded annually to students in need at qualifying Catholic schools. These scholarships are available to both new and returning students, and typically cover 20-60% of tuition. Families must apply for these scholarships directly at a participating Catholic school.   

Tax Credit Scholarships
Tax Credit Scholarships are available to eligible students through the Kansas Tax Credit for Low Income Students Scholarship Program. To be eligible for these scholarships, students must be Kansas residents and must be entering a Catholic school for the first time as a kindergartner (under the age of 7), or as a transfer student in grades 1-9 who attended a KS public elementary or middle school in the previous school year. Tax Credit Scholarships typically cover 20-60% of tuition. Qualifying students may use scholarship funds to attend the Catholic school of their family’s choice within the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. 

Kansas Tax Credit Scholarships are funded through private donations to scholarship granting organizations (SGOs), like the Catholic Education Foundation, who then administer the application and scholarship awarding process. Both individuals and businesses are eligible for a 75% State Tax Credit with a qualified donation to CEF. Learn more about our Tax Credit Scholarship Program.

Guardian Angel Scholarships
Guardian Angel Scholarships are available on an emergency basis to students attending designated CEF schools whose families are experiencing sudden hardship, helping schools provide a safety net for their communities. Guardian Angel Scholarships are funded by the generosity of our CEF Futures volunteers and donors. Students and families who wish to apply should contact their Catholic school principal.

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The Catholic Education Foundation is proud to partner with 23 schools in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas to make Catholic education accessible to students of all backgrounds.

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CEF Scholarships Power Possibilities

Education is a powerful tool. For at-risk students, a high-quality education offers a pathway to opportunities and resources to break the cycle of poverty and rewrite the future for themselves and their families.

Your support of CEF scholarships gives students in need access to a safe, caring learning environment, focused on traditional values and nurturing not only a love of knowledge but of service and building a relationship with Christ.

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