Tax Credits

Redirect your state income tax payment to support CEF student scholarships

Get a 75% KS income tax credit when you donate to the Catholic Education Foundation.

Your qualified donation to the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) will provide you with a 75% Kansas state tax credit, lowering the amount of your state tax liability 75 cents on the dollar.

Through the Kansas Tax Credit for Low Income Student Scholarship Program, your donation will be used to provide  scholarships to students who rely on financial aid to attend K-12 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.

Individual Taxpayers

Anyone who pays Kansas income tax can participate and benefit from considerable tax savings. Certain guidelines apply.

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Corporate Taxpayers

Any business that pay Kansas income tax can benefit from the CEF Tax Credit Program, including banks and insurance companies.

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Eliminate or reduce state income tax

Your gift can eliminate your Kansas tax liability for one or more years, giving you a benefit few charitable contributions can offer.

Help children in poverty

Your gift will support children living at the lowest income levels, giving them access to a rigorous education.

Strengthen schools and communities

Because you're helping families on the margins of society, you're stabilizing centers of support in our communities.

Download our tax credit program overview

Learn more about how you can eliminate or reduce your Kansas state income tax with a qualified donation and provide tuition assistance to help students in need receive a Catholic education.

tax credit program overview

Tax Credits for Individual Taxpayers

The Catholic Education Foundation is authorized to provide donors with a 75% Kansas income tax credit in exchange for qualified charitable donations to support the CEF Tax Credit Program for Low-Income Student Scholarships.

Any individual who pays Kansas income tax can participate and benefit from the Catholic Education Foundation's Tax Credit program.

You can reduce or eliminate your Kansas state income tax liability (up to $500,000). These state income tax credits can be carried forward into future years and do not expire (tax credits are not transferrable). Many donors are recouping about 80% of their original investment when considering all the tax advantages of the CEF tax credits. That is significantly greater than many other charitable donations.

Tax Credits for Corporate Taxpayers

The CEF Tax Credit Scholarship program allows any company that pays Kansas corporate income tax to redirect the amount of its Kansas tax liability (up to $500,000) to Catholic Education Foundation as a qualified charitable gift, and receive a 75% credit on its state income tax.

For example, a C-Corporation can eliminate or reduce its Kansas state income tax liability using the 75% tax credit, then may also treat the 75% credit amount of its contribution as an ordinary and necessary business expense for federal tax purposes. This company may also be able to take the remaining 25% as a possible charitable donation on its federal income tax return, depending on their specific circumstances.*

Pass-through corporate entities (such as S-Corporations and LLCs) which receive the 75% state income tax credit and apply it to their Kansas state income tax liability may not be eligible to treat the tax credit as a business expense. However, they may be able to treat the remaining portion as a charitable donation, depending upon the specific taxpayer circumstances.* (The IRS has not issued a final regulation for pass-through entities.)

*Certain donation qualifications exist.
If you do not have Kansas tax liability, and would like to make a charitable donation to the Catholic Education Foundation,
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How it works

Students Apply

Families of eligible students apply through the Kansas Tax Credit for Low Income Students Scholarship Program.

Donors Give to CEF

Individual and corporate donors make qualified contributions to CEF and in turn, receive a 75% Kansas tax credit.

Scholarships Awarded

Scholarships are awarded to families who meet the requirements, helping low-income students receive a quality, Catholic education.