When you give to CEF, you're opening the door to a lifetime of opportunity for a child in a low-income family right here in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.

CEF scholarships are hard at work in Kansas schools across northeast Kansas, bringing the promise of high-quality, faith-based education to the most at-risk students in our communities. All scholarship recipients qualify for free or reduced lunch as determined by federal poverty standards. Despite often challenging circumstances, CEF scholarship students achieve a 99% graduation rate, compared to 77% in neighboring high schools. Nearly 97% of CEF high school graduates go on to college or career educational training, compared with 45% of their peers in other schools.

As Cardinal Sean O'Malley said recently, "No institution in the country is as successful in moving children from poverty to middle-class as Catholic schools."

And the impact of these scholarships reaches far beyond stellar academic outcomes. From first generation high school graduates inspiring siblings and parents to pursue their goals, to faith-filled transformations in the lives of students and families, the stories of lives changed through the access a CEF scholarship has provided are countless. In some cases, the hardships that arise in low-income situations lead to extraordinary needs, and CEF schools are able to provide an environment that can provide the social and emotional support to isolate and address these needs.


You can help us meet the need for this school year by supporting CEF scholarships today!


“We have many children who come from difficult and chaotic homes who get many of their physical needs met by our school community. They experience self-less love, genuine faith, and one-on-one attention to their spiritual and emotional needs.”

Nick Anderson, Principal, Holy Family Catholic School in Topeka


You can hear about the difference these scholarships are making firsthand from CEF scholars in the videos below:




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