Your support of CEF scholarships is an investment in the future of Catholic education, bringing stability, diversity, and flexibility to schools across northeast Kansas.

CEF scholarships currently support students at 25 schools across the Archdiocese, spreading as far north as Marysville and as far south as Emporia, east to the state line and west past Topeka. Many of these schools are located within inner-city or rural communities, and are often the only alternative to underperforming neighborhood public schools. All 25 serve communities experiencing significant financial need, with more than a third of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch. Of these students, 96% rely on CEF scholarships.

With Catholic schools relying heavily on tuition funds and parish subsidies, schools in low-income areas often struggle just to cover the cost of operations, leaving little capacity for tuition assistance for families in need. Through a donation to CEF, you are empowering schools to welcome students who would otherwise be financially disqualified, freeing up school funds to meet day-to-day financial obligations while still living out the mission of the church in their communities. And the diversity CEF scholarship students bring to the classroom is vital to the makeup of the school community.

“Students who benefit from the scholarships provided by CEF are important to the rich tradition of our schools. A Catholic education is more than just classrooms and books. It’s about the community and the values instilled in our students.”

Sarah Dee, CEF supporter and St. Agnes parishoner


During the pandemic, the impact of CEF scholarships on the schools we support became more apparent than ever before. Donations from people like you allowed CEF to provide over 200 new scholarships for families directly impacted by the pandemic, allowing schools to provide emergency assistance for existing families and to open their doors to new students when neighborhood schools closed their doors. While Catholic schools nationwide saw the largest enrollment decrease in over 50 years in 2020, forcing over 200 to close permanently, your support helped to keep every CEF school open for in-person learning in the fall. CEF schools experienced only a modest enrollment drop, felt mostly in kindergarten classrooms as parents delayed enrollment until after the pandemic. Social distancing guidelines also reduced classroom sizes.

“These scholarships have helped stabilize many of our schools by providing a bridge for families most in need.” - Dr. Vince Cascone, Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of KCK.


You can help us meet the need for this school year by supporting CEF scholarships today!

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