Guardian Angel Fund helps student stay in school after both parents lose their jobs

Posted on December 12, 2017 in Guardian Angel Fund

CEF's Guardian Angel Fund provided an emergency scholarship this week that will keep a CEF student in his school after both of his parents lost their jobs, causing them to fall behind in their tuition payments. His father was injured earlier this year and has been unable to work since his injury. His mother's company eliminated her position; she is looking for a new position. She also has developed some health issues that will require surgery and a long recovery period. 

"They are very concerned about her health and their financial situation," the CEF school principal wrote in her application on their behalf. "This family chose our school because they wanted a Catholic education for their son. They always desired a Catholic education for him, but thought they couldn’t afford it. Their son has made tremendous growth since he started here. Can CEF's Guardian Angel Fund help?" ​

​With assistance from the Guardian Angel Fund, the family's tuition payments are now current, allowing them to focus on the mother's health and their job search. The Guardian Angel Fund is supported by the CEF Futures and their events. For more information on joining the Futures, please contact us




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