Scholarship expansion is coming to Kansas

Posted on May 11, 2021 in News

In May 2021, the Kansas legislature passed a bill to expand the KS Tax Credit for Low Income Students Scholarship program, a small but successful program that allows CEF to award generous scholarships to qualifying students in need who wish to attend Catholic or other private schools. The program has a stellar 99% graduation rate.

The legislation won broad support among legislators, passing the House 107-9, and the Senate 35-4. The bill also contained full funding for Kansas public schools. Gov. Kelly is expected to sign the bill this month.

What this means for students

All Kansas students in grades K-8 who currently attend public schools and qualify for free- or reduced-price lunch are eligible to receive CEF’s generous scholarships to attend Catholic schools in the Archdiocese. Incoming kindergarten students meeting these qualifications are eligible, too.

The expanded legislation corrects a flaw in the previous legislation that denied students access because of their street address. Previously, students were only eligible if they lived within the boundaries of the 100 lowest-performing district schools in Kansas. Now, more qualified students will be eligible to use this scholarship to attend the private school of their choice, regardless of where they live in Kansas. A limited amount of scholarship funding is available for the 2021-22 school year, and support is needed to fund these scholarships.

Students currently using the CEF tax credit scholarship may continue to use it throughout their education in our Catholic schools.

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What this means for donors and supporters

When you support CEF’s tax credit scholarship program, you’re not only receiving a 5:1 impact on your investment, you’re also receiving a 70% state income tax credit. And if you itemize, you may also be able to deduct the remaining 30% on your federal return. For C-corps, the 30% may be fully deductible as a business expense. Consult your tax advisor for details and share this fact sheet with your advisor.

This is the only state income tax credit available in the Archdiocesan ministries. If you’d like to support a faith-based ministry that provides the most disadvantaged children in our communities with a chance to learn and succeed in a values-centered academic environment and prepare to be productive members of the workforce, consider directing your state income tax liability to CEF. Contact the CEF Tax Credit Office today to learn how you can secure state tax credits for 2021.

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What this means for Catholic schools & communities

Catholic schools have always welcomed students seeking a high-quality, faith-based education, including those who need financial assistance. Catholic Education Foundation supports these students and families, offering them support and resources from throughout our school and parish communities.

99% of students on CEF scholarships graduate from high school, and more than 97% attend college or career training after high school. Many return to their communities after college, making their homes here, working in the local business community and volunteering in service to their neighbors.

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Learn more about the program and its impact on one local family in the video below.


Please consider supporting CEF scholarships. for the coming school year by contacting the CEF Tax Credit Office. A variety of giving options are available. You may donate cash, stock, bonds, property, life insurance policies, retirement account assets, mutual funds and more. Thank you for considering one of the most successful educational programs in Kansas for your charitable giving!

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