Using social media to expand Gaudeamus audience

Posted on October 26, 2016 in Upcoming Events

Photo: Gaudeamus social media team strategy sessions (Katie McCurry, Erica Kratofil, Laurel Sharpe, Toby Cook and Christa Dubill)

When my longtime friend and Director of Events for the Catholic Education Foundation, Laurel Sharpe, asked me to get involved in this year’s Gaudeamus event it took me all of two seconds to respond: Yes.

Yes, because I love giving my time to organizations that I believe truly benefit our community. In the 10 years that I’ve been working in interactive marketing and social media I’ve also given my time and resources to other non-profit organizations that strengthen our community.

Yes, because I absolutely love social media. I love enriching people’s lives by sharing information that opens minds and touches hearts. For over three years I’ve worked in University of Kansas Marketing Communications as a digital strategist, where I develop KU’s interactive and social media strategy. Not only am I sharing content that enriches the lives of Jayhawks across the nation, I’m enriching my own.

Yes, because I love taking part in such a wonderful event that helps children. I was blessed to have parents who believed in the benefits of a Catholic education and did what they could to ensure my success. Helping CEF brings this full circle for me.

Yes, because I love sharing my love of technology with my community. How great is it that we live in a time where Gaudeamus, a wonderful event that has sold out yet again, can be live-streamed to those who are unable to join or who want to revisit the night’s festivities?

I hope you will join in October 29 on CEF’s social media (Facebook and Twitter) to follow the festivities and engage with us throughout the night. I look forward to representing CEF and hope you enjoy what we have planned!

Katie McCurry is Digital Strategist for the University of Kansas Marketing Communications. 

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