School of Excellence Award Highlights Positive Changes at St. Benedict

Diane Liebsch
Posted on September 9, 2019 in Upcoming Events

St. Benedict Catholic School – Catholic Education Foundation School of Excellence!  As a parish school, St. Benedict Catholic School has endured many changes in the recent past: a name change (formerly Atchison Catholic Elementary School), moving from a tithing to a tuition model, changing pastors and secretaries, new staff members, new textbooks, and yearly changes from the state department of education and the Archdiocesan school office.  Change happens everywhere. But there has been one constant amidst the changes. The mission statement of SBCS: The St. Benedict Catholic School community is committed to educating the whole child in a Christ-centered Benedictine environment with the ultimate goal of fostering Christian disciples. This mission developed by parishioners nearly a decade ago has led to the steadfast journey of the school community to excel at providing for children in our parish a great environment to grow and learn in God’s love. 

Recognition as the Catholic Education Foundation’s School of Excellence is a testament to the positive changes and steadfast commitment the staff and school community has had for SBCS. We are grateful and proud to accept the recognition at the Gaudeamus event on October 26. Not only does SBCS shine, but the Benedictine community that surrounds our school shines as well. We are grateful for the support of our two Atchison religious communities as well as Maur Hill-Mount Academy and Benedictine College. 

Thank you, Catholic Education Foundation, for the financial support you provide for nearly 25% of our students. The additional scholarship dollars accompanying this recognition will help some deserving families rest a little easier as they meet their financial obligations to our school. It is with joy and pride we share the status of being a School of Excellence with our entire community and reaffirm all that we’ve shared with the -- Catholic education in our parish school is mission-driven and the school community is indeed “…educating the whole child in a Christ-centered Benedictine environment with the ultimate goal of forming Christian disciples.”

We pray for God’s continued blessings on the corner of 2nd and Division in Atchison, Kansas, right where Benedictine education began more than 150 years ago! 

Diane Liebsch

Diane Liebsch served as Principal of St. Benedict Catholic School from 2011-2019.

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