Throw a Pebble in the Water

Leann Gillespie
Posted on August 1, 2018 in Upcoming Events

As a member of the Gaudeamus Committee, I had the privilege of spending some time at Resurrection Catholic School this past spring. Resurrection is supported by the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) and is located in Kansas City, KS. The principal and about nine middle school students were our gracious hosts for the day. They gave us a tour of the school and then joined us for lunch in one of the classrooms.

During lunch we had the opportunity to ask questions and got a little more acquainted with the students. It was so interesting to hear them talk about their backgrounds, what languages were spoken at home, challenges their parents have faced, and their own interests and dreams for the future. I was struck by the incredible opportunity that these kids have been given through CEF scholarships and how they have benefited from it.

These students were kind, respectful, confident, and faith-centered kids with bright futures ahead of them!

As I listened to their stories, I couldn't help but wonder what their lives would have been like without CEF and this Catholic school experience. Would they possess the same qualities and strong character? Would they have the same friends and interests? Would their futures look as bright?

If you're a firm believer in Catholic education like I am, I think you’ll agree that this Catholic school experience has definitely helped shape who they are and how they view the world. Most importantly, it has enhanced their faith and relationship with God.

In a world where the news is filled with violence, suicide, and drug abuse, it has become more apparent to me that we need CEF and Catholic schools now more than ever! We need more kids like the ones I met that day at Resurrection School. We need them to grow up and become positive role models, parents, teachers, and leaders in our communities. We also need more people like you to contribute to CEF and support additional children and their families.

After this experience, I believe that contributing to CEF is one of the easiest ways to truly make an impact and create positive change in the world! So please consider getting involved, attending Gaudeamus on October 20, and supporting CEF. Together we can make a difference!!!!

In closing, I’d like to share some inspirational lyrics of a song called “Pebble in the Water” (by Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato).

Just a pebble in the water can set the sea in motion.
A simple act of kindness can stir the widest ocean.
If we show a little love,
Heaven knows what we can change.
So throw a pebble in the water.
Make a wave………make a wave!

Leann Gillespie

Leann Gillespie is a member of Curé of Ars Parish in Leawood and serves on the Gaudeamus Committee.

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