Nearly 200 students are waiting.

Posted on July 14, 2021 in Fundraising, News

Fall enrollment is surging, and you can help schools say yes to a child in need. 

With news of Catholic schools’ success during the pandemic spreading like wildfire, more and more low-income families are determined to bring the incredible outcomes CEF schools are producing to their children. But they need our help. 

In some CEF-supported schools, as many as 87% of families are living in poverty. And the difference in academic success is often remarkable, with students scoring as much as 30% higher on state assessments than those at neighboring schools. Multiple CEF schools expect a 10% increase in enrollment this fall. Meanwhile, many families who joined these school communities when public schools remained closed last fall have elected to stay, sold on the Christ-centered mission and unexpected blessings of their decision

Like many CEF schools, Principal Tim Conrad of St. Patrick Catholic School in KCK is seeing the uptick firsthand.

“In our effort to maintain optimal class sizes while accommodating the enrollment surge, we are close to facing a ‘space shortage’ issue -- a good and unique problem to have.” Principal Tim Conrad, St. Patrick Catholic School in KCK 

As schools prepare to welcome low-income students, CEF is here to help the schools say yes - and we need your help. You can rewrite the future for nearly 200 low-income students waiting for a CEF scholarship with a gift to the CEF Scholarship Drive today.



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