Guardian Angel Fund Provides Scholarship Support for Family of 8 Following Job Loss

Posted on July 12, 2016 in Guardian Angel Fund

CEF’s Guardian Angel Fund recently provided short-term scholarship assistance for a family with six children after the father’s job loss caused a decrease in their income. The father was able to find a new job, but at lower pay. The mother increased her work hours to help cover the difference, but the family has struggled to keep up with tuition payments during the transition.  Five of the family’s children are attending CEF schools. The parents are active volunteers in the parish, and several of the children are regular altar servers.

“The family is committed to Catholic education,” their school principal wrote in her scholarship application on their behalf. “The parents stopped by my office this week pleading for some type of help. As she was sobbing, the Mom said they would do anything to keep their children in their CEF schools, and her heart would be broken if they were not able to do that.”

Thanks to CEF’s Guardian Angel Fund, which provides emergency scholarship assistance for families facing an unexpected financial crisis, all five children were able to remain in their CEF schools. Guardian Angel scholarship funding comes from CEF Futures events. For more information on joining the CEF Futures, contact us.

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