Janet Rethman Joins CEF Team

Janet Rethman
Posted on July 11, 2017 in News

It seemed like a sign. One I originally ignored. My husband showed me an ad in The Leaven for a position with the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF). I didn’t think it “sounded” like me, so I thanked him and put the paper on the corner of my desk. A few weeks later, a friend asked me if I saw the ad in The Leaven and said she thought I would be perfect for it. I told her I had seen it, but I didn’t think it was right for me.

About a month later, I was going through some papers on my desk and came across the ad I had put aside. Now, however, it read differently to me. I called my husband to tell him I thought this might be something I would be good at. He encouraged me to reach out to a friend who is personally involved with CEF. The friend seemed genuinely excited that I was interested and answered a lot of my questions. The rest, as they say, is history.

In early June, I accepted the position as Director of Special Events and Development with CEF. I have previously worked in both the regulatory and public sectors, most recently with a company based out of Atlanta, Georgia, called Larson Juhl. My experience ranges from Sales and Marketing to Director of Customer Service. Most recently, I led a team of Senior Sales Leaders throughout the Central U.S. Region.

I am originally from Nebraska but went to high school and college in Kansas. After graduating college, I accepted a position in the Kansas City area and now call it home. I met my husband, Charlie Huber, here and it’s here that we raised our two daughters. Both daughters attended Ascension Catholic School and St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Charlie and I were first introduced to CEF as guests of one of the table sponsors. I was immediately hooked! I listened as a student spoke about the opportunities he now had because of CEF as he was graduating high school and preparing to attend college. I fell in love with the mission of the organization as well as the impact of the scholarships in changing lives. I am very excited to have this opportunity to now work to support this mission.

Janet Rethman

Janet Rethman is the Director of Special Events and Development for the Catholic Education Foundation.

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