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Maddy Luther
Posted on April 27, 2018 in Futures Leadership Council, News

As I entered John Paul II Catholic School on a recent Friday with a group of Catholic Education Foundation staff and Futures Committee members, I knew this lunch hour was going to be unlike any other. Immediately, we were greeted by smiling junior high students eager to show off their school pride. As we wound through hallways filled with art projects, book reports, and kids ready to wave at the visitors, I knew we were heading to a room that had a special place in these students’ hearts. We entered the Religion classroom and I knew this was it.

We were instantly brought to a bulletin board with the phrase “God is Good Because” in big letters.  On the bottom of the board were small post-it notes written by the students to finish the phrase written above.  As we got closer to the bulletin board our tour guides started reading off some of the notes.

“God is good because last night my family got to go out to eat.”

“God is good because I stopped the other soccer team from scoring.”

“God is good because I got to sit next to my friend at lunch.”

The two junior high students told us that this is their favorite bulletin board in the school. They explained to us that students come in the classroom every day to put up new post-it notes to thank God for things big or small in their lives. I could have sat and read those post it notes all day, but we had to continue on with our tour to our final destination, the lunchroom.

 As I sat among the 1st graders excited to tell me about their Easter candy and recess games, I kept thinking back to that phrase on the bulletin board, “God is good because.” I couldn’t help but start filling out my own imaginary post-it notes based on the joy I saw that CEF has brought to this school and its students.

God is good because out of 149 students that attend John Paul II, 34 currently receive CEF scholarships. God is good because CEF has assisted students at John Paul II since the 2013-2014 school year. God is good because CEF has given more than 1,500 students the opportunity to grow in their faith by attending Catholic schools this year. I walked out of John Paul II that day grateful to be a part of CEF’s mission and knowing that indeed God is good.

Maddy Luther

Maddy is a Registered Nurse and Unit Coordinator on a Medical Progressive Care Unit at the University of Kansas Health System and serves on the CEF Futures Committee. 

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