Paying It Forward

Posted on January 23, 2020 in Futures Leadership Council, Impact of Donors

I got involved with the Catholic Education Foundation for one primary reason: to provide a better future for the next generation. The Catholic Education Foundation not only provides an opportunity for students to get a high-quality education (98.7% of students at the CEF-supported high school graduate, compared to 77% of their peers at the neighborhood school) but it gives them a foundation for their spiritual life at the same time. As a product of Catholic education from fifth grade through college at Creighton University, I see firsthand the importance of a good faith foundation in my own life. Surrounding myself with others who have a similar moral compass has provided me with lifelong relationships that I can lean on.

There are plenty of great non-profits that support both education and faith formation. The Catholic Education Foundation's laser-focused approach of providing opportunities to any child/family that wishes to have a Christ-centered education was a very easy mission for me to get behind and be passionate about. The CEF Futures' work of supporting and funding the Guardian Angel Fund is critical in helping students stay in an environment that allows them to not only reach their full potential as a student but form the foundation of their faith.

Many of us have been blessed with the opportunity to see how a Catholic education can change our lives or the lives of those close to us. This year, let us remember to pass that opportunity on to the next generation.

Chris Miller, Commercial Insurance Advisor for The Miller Group, is the chair of the CEF Futures Committee for young professionals.

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