Guardian Angel Fund helps 2 siblings stay in their CEF school

Posted on November 8, 2017 in Guardian Angel Fund

The Guardian Angel Fund recently provided scholarship assistance allowing two siblings to remain in their CEF school after their parents separated and their grandmother became ill, leading to a decrease in their family's income. Although their mother was working full-time, she was unable to afford the children's tuition when her husband left. The children's grandmother initially helped with tuition, but was unable to continue her payments after she become ill and was hospitalized. 

"The family does keep in regular contact with the school and tries to make payments. They are concerned about not being able to fulfill their commitment," the principal wrote in her application on their behalf. " They are in desperate need of assistance."

Thanks to the Guardian Angel Fund, supported by the CEF Futures and their events, the children were able to remain in their CEF school. 



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