Guardian Angel Fund Keeps 3 Siblings in Their School

Posted on August 23, 2019 in Guardian Angel Fund

A Guardian Angel Scholarship from the Catholic Education Foundation recently allowed three siblings to stay in their CEF-supported school after their father had a stroke, causing partial paralysis and leading to significant medical bills for the family. Their father is no longer able to work, and their mother was unable to work for a period of time while she cared for him. In a handwritten note attached to the scholarship application, the family's sixth grader wrote, "If you can't help, we will have to go to school somewhere else."

The scholarship covered the family's remaining tuition for the first semester, giving them time to concentrate on the father's recovery and allowing the siblings to stay in their school.

Funding for Guardian Angel Scholarships comes from events hosted by the CEF Futures, a group of young professionals committed to supporting the mission of the Catholic Education Foundation. Email us to learn more about the CEF Futures.

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